Lead efficient teams.
No contract too complex.

Manage your business through Bridge, handle unexpected policy change, stay on top of real-time performance and simplify daily administration.



Manage participant support and your workflow.

Our NDIS features have been specially designed for Support Coordinators for case management. Bridge allows the managing of participant NDIS Plans and service booking details (API’s are in development), claiming accurate payments through bulk upload and invoicing, tracking budgets, emailing and messaging team members and participants. We also manage privacy by controlling access to information.


Client Information Management

Easy onboarding of participants + customisation of forms to add personal and contact information. Save multiple documents, log billable and non-billable work notes, create your own or system generated reminders and monitor your tasks.


Funding Management

Manage participants funding using our budget tool. Track budget usage and generate statements periodically. We ensure you provide the right invoices to the right funding body. Our NDIS software seamlessly integrates with accounting software, making claims simple.


PRODA Integration

Bridge is IRAP accredited, part of the DCI and has cleared NDIA Cyber Security requirements. We are one of very few approved by NDIA to access their API’s. This will allow connections with PRODA and make the process of managing service bookings and payments simpler.


Maximising Outcomes on the DES contract.

Our specific Disability Employment Services (DES) features significant integration with ESSWeb, all of our product features and also supports.


Boost Outcomes & Ongoing Support

Utilise Bridge’s inbuilt PPS and Ongoing Support workflow to achieve milestones, and record interventions consistently. Bridge will help you to support as many participants as possible to sustain work.


Maximising Employer Engagement

Run targeted campaigns to employers in your regions on how they will benefit from creating a more diverse workforce using the Bridge system. Ensure relationships are actively managed to turn prospects into employers.


‘Easy’ Participant Management

Manage and record activity such as training, skills development and mentoring through Bridge – scanned documents are automatically attached to participant records and all activity is searchable one, clean page.


Workforce Australia

Get set for NEST.

Our Workforce Australia features offer the most advanced third party SaaS available to providers. Bridge has been specifically designed to increase revenue, improve efficiency and mitigate compliance risks.


Maximise Your Claims

We offer best-in-class placement and Outcome tracking and support special claims. Scanned payslips are automatically attached to jobseeker records as you build towards 26 Week claim.


Seamless Activity Management

Bridge further maximises Star Rating performance by fully supporting Vacancy Management and simplifying education, volunteer and Work for the Dole Phase activity management.


Simple EF Management

Bridge gives you control over both EF and Non-EF claims and ensures all requirements are met prior to lodging and drawing down claims.

Parents Next

Achieve study and work goals simply with our system

We help providers support parents with children under 6 who get Parenting Payment. Our software helps plan and prepare for future study or employment and with our seamless functionality it is easy to ensure that appointments are resulted and activity is recorded for the participants on your program.

Parents Next Achieve study and work goals simply with our system


Flexible software to match your business

We are fully accredited to support the following contracts and all of them benefit from the core product features as well as bespoke customisations to support your successful delivery.


Why choose Bridge ?

  • Fully IRAP and TPES accredited
  • Over 12 years industry experience
  • Over $12 Billion contractual claims supported
  • Integration available to analytic, finance and diary management systems
  • SaaS configurable to your service delivery model
  • Bespoke development to give you a competitive edge
  • Training available to induct and reinforce the system features
  • Secure, sovereign hosting of all data

atWork Australia has partnered with the Hivetec team since 2015 using their Bridge program to effectively deliver government employment services.  The Bridge program has enhanced and complimented the way we provide our services, allowing us to effectively place job seekers into sustainable employment.

Michael Kolomyjec
Group Executive – Workforce Australia, Parents Next, NDIS, IES