Lead efficient teams.
No contract too complex.

Manage your business through Bridge. We’ve got you covered for unexpected government policy changes, tracking your performance in real-time and simplifying your day-to-day administration with huge efficiencies in workflow.


A complete system for managing your people.
Easy to pick up, loved by staff.

Bridge is tailored to meet the requirements of the care, support and employment industries.
We are an accredited SAAS that is intuitive and adaptable to meet your needs.
Below are some of the key product features.


Best-in-class Analytics

Monitor your business with our suite of reports or create your own using our beautiful report software.


Automated servicing

Connect with your clients digitally by interactive and responsive SMS/emails tailored to your service.


Huge admin efficiencies

We complete thousands of tasks in government systems daily – your staff can concentrate on core activity.


NDIS Support Coordination

Whether you are already in the NDIS sector or looking to diversify, our system is ready to support you.

The payoff of using Bridge for Employment Services.

Reduce costs, save time and create a better experience for your clients.
We save our customers a minimum of 2 minutes per appointment,
See how much your business will save with Bridge.


The most comprehensive job searching tool on the market

Pulling vacancies from over 10,000 sites in seconds.
We are thrilled to launch JAMS+ which can also be used as a standalone tool. Our algorithm matches the top 20 jobs for your clients, removing duplicates and prioritising corporate job boards.

You can personalise tags for each of your clients, email jobs directly out to them and record the activity compliantly against their record.

JAMS+ is fast becoming our most popular feature!


Best in class analytics

Report against anything in Bridge.

Organise your business, track operational trends, reduce unnecessary cost.
Our reports provide clear visibility of operational and financial performance drivers across contracts and our daily ESR updates will automate time-consuming processes. Leverage our existing suite or let us help you configure the reports you need.

Bridge’s out-of-the-box inbuilt reports:

  • Appointment Notifications
  • Appointment Results
  • Assigned Caseloads
  • ATSI Participant By Site
  • Compliance Warning
  • Demerit Points
  • Disability Type
  • EF/Non-EF Amount
  • Employer Referral Result
  • Expenditure By Site
  • Job Plan Activity Tracker
  • No Future Appointment
  • Outcome Claims Due
  • Outcomes Claimed


Engage through prescribed messages.

Push content to as many clients as you want + intuitively auto-reply to their reply, then auto-reply to that reply…
Our forms allow you to customize messages to your clients.
Send a specific video, a question you want answered or a helpful link for everything from in-work support to informing them of last minute office closure.

Giving you peace of mind that any digital contact is completed compliantly, to high quality and supports clients on time, every time.

HUGE ADMIN EFFICIENCIES-complete-tasks-image


Let our CHIMPS complete tasks for you

Eliminate double entry on third party systems and ESSWeb.
CHIMPS are our automated browser job queue system that exchanges data between Bridge and the government ESS website. They eliminate a lot of points* of double entry between your own system or any other Third Party System and the ESS website.

We have invested $8.2M over 4 years in the development of CHIMPS and we will continue to invest in it. It’s unique, proprietary and fully accredited.

*RPAs are in place for Job Plans, Purchase Orders, File Notes, Job Search Reporting, Vacancy Management, Wage Subsidies, Activity Management, Exits and more.


Supporting NDIS Support Coordination providers to flourish.

Keep all your contracts in one place with a system that will support NDIS.

Whether you are an existing NDIS Support Coordinator or are looking to diversify into that space, we are ready for you with integrated NDIS price lists and compliant CRM support.



Peace of mind for the storage of your data.

All of our data is hosted with Vault Solutions. Vault is a powerful, trusted Australian sovereign cloud provider with an un-caveated ASD certification to the PROTECTED level.

Where the ASD certification for all Cloud IaaS providers has lapsed, Vault continues to maintain its PROTECTED level assessment under the IRAP of the ACSC against the controls of the ISM.


Payslip trackers

Track payslips for compliant Outcomes. We have never had a claw backs for a claim made in Bridge.


Prescribe workflow

Use Tasks to help your teams complete the key elements of your delivery model. We protect your IP.


Vacancy management

Benefit from outstanding vacancy matching with built in self-referral and employer selection features.


Secure document storage

QR scanning for fast, reliable document storage to ensure efficiency of service and in preparation for audit.


Why do our customers love Bridge?

  • Fully IRAP and TPES accredited
  • Over 12 years industry experience
  • Over $12 Billion contractual claims supported
  • Integration available to analytic, finance and diary management systems
  • SaaS configurable to your service delivery model
  • Bespoke development to give you a competitive edge
  • Training available to induct and reinforce the system features
  • Secure, sovereign hosting of all data

atWork Australia has partnered with the Hivetec team since 2015 using their Bridge program to effectively deliver government employment services.  The Bridge program has enhanced and complimented the way we provide our services, allowing us to effectively place job seekers into sustainable employment.

Michael Kolomyjec
Group Executive – Workforce Australia, Parents Next, NDIS, IES